Meeting Schedule for 2017

The January 14th demo is Ron Pouliot who will reprise his demonstration of coring using both the McNaughton and One Way systems (now using our new more powerful lathe).  He will talk about different shapes possible with each coring system, show how to make nesting bowls, turning wet wood to a finished bowl or thick bowls to dry and re-turn at a later date.

Feb. 11 will be Charlie Scheaf doing an inside out turning, possibly a wine bottle shape with a wine glass caught inside.

Mar. 11 will be David McWilliams at the Academy doing a demo on wet wood turning from log to bowl, including coring out a bowl with the McNaughton system.

April 8 is Mike Foster turning a sphere.

May 13 is Jon Siegel doing a demo on spindle turning, duplicate turning, how bowl tools differ from spindle tools and how to sharpen them.

June 10 will be a spindle turning clinic.

Sept 9 is still open

Oct 14 Brad Vietje will do a demo on turning Christmas ornaments

Nov. 11 Nick Rosato will return.  We have yet to determine what his demo will be.  Couple of possibilities:  he could do a demo on turning a chess set or one how to approach a large burl piece, finding the best way to turn it.

Dec. 9 will be Peter Bloch doing a lampshade at his shop.